2019 U.S. Open Logo Policy

To co-brand your corporate merchandise with the 2019 U.S. Open logo, we must know how you would like your logo to appear. For example, should your logo be tonal, contrasting, or in your company’s official colors? If you have specific PMS or thread colors for your logo, they must be given with the order. Use the “Logo Instructions” box on the product detail page to enter your instructions.

The corporate logo must fall within the size restrictions illustrated below, and is always placed in the secondary location on merchandise. For example, if the U.S. Open logo is on the left chest or a shirt, the corporate logo may be on the sleeve. The corporate logo may be smaller than the dimensions shown below but can never be larger than the U.S. Open logo.

Product specific information about logo placement can be found under the Details tab on each product page.

Logo placement